New watercolor ~ Door to the Lore #1

Door to the Lore #1 ~ Watercolor by John Klobucher

Hello friends and art fans! Here’s the latest Art of Lore

This surreal landscape had two sources of inspiration. The first was the ruins of an ancient stone doorway that I once photographed while visiting the Alsace region of France. The second, naturally, was the timeless time portal from the classic Star Trek episode “City on the Edge of Forever”.

Of course, this passage is not likely to lead to a Depression-era soup kitchen run by Joan Collins where James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock desperately race to fix a timeline broken by accidentally over-medicated Dr. McCoy. No — mine is the door to a stranger Lore.

Title: Door to the Lore #1
Painted: September 2017
Paints: Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours
Paper: Arches Watercolor Block, cold pressed, 140lb 9″x12″

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May the Lore be with you!