New watercolor ~ Garden Lore

Garden Lore #1 ~ Watercolor by John Klobucher

Hello friends and art fans! Here’s the latest Art of Lore

In Hyde Park, New York, next to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, there’s a beautiful hidden garden — the Beatrix Farrand Garden at Bellefield —
that I had the good fortune to wander into one day last summer. It’s a serene place with a storybook look — emerald-green grass, vine-covered walls, and arched stone gateways worthy of the worlds of Narnia or Middle Earth. This painting is my impression of one of them.

What wonderland do you spy on the other side?

Title: Garden Lore
Painted: June 2017
Paints: Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours
Paper: Arches Watercolor Block, cold pressed, 140lb 9″x12″

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May the Lore be with you!

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