Rediscovered watercolor ~ Lost Mountain Lore

Lost Mountain Lore #1 ~ Watercolor by John Klobucher

Hello friends and art fans! Here’s the latest Art of Lore

Nearly thirty years ago I spent some time in Seattle, Washington where I painted this impressionistic watercolor of majestic Mount Rainier. When I returned to Boston, I gave the piece to my painting mentor — my dear friend Mary — who displayed it in her home for three decades until she called one summer Saturday morning. She was dying and wanted me to have it back, so it wouldn’t get lost in the inevitable chaos.

We visted that very afternoon and said our goodbyes over stale graham crackers and warm bottled water. And I reluctantly took the painting with me. Mary was gone just three weeks later.

I now present it to you in her memory and the memory of her kind husband Juan. A monument to two lives of lore.

Title: Lost Mountain Lore
Painted: 1990 (photo remastered February 2018)
Paints: Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colours
Paper: Arches Watercolor Block, cold pressed, 140lb 10″x14″

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May the Lore be with you!

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